If we joined the Eurozone, we would pay for these bankrupt pension systems in several ways. We would either be forced to pay directly to prop up failing economies or pay indirectly via a higher interest rate.

Oxford as an ancient university city is both timeless and modern, its 'dreaming spires' and tranquil college quadrangles coexisting with lively arts venues, bustling shops and fashionable restaurants. Oxford never fails to impress even its most regular visitors with something different, or something new. In amongst the treasures and attractions that are renowned as the oldest, finest or even the only one of their kind, there are always more secrets to discover and more stories to be told.

Flexible packages for businesses; virtual receptionist, virtual office PA, emergency response call handling, 24 hour answer service & call overflow handling. We are officially neither pro- nor anti- road building, and have no formal links with motorists' organisations or the road construction industry; neither do we have associations with the environmental lobby or pro-car groups.

Joining the euro is like opening a joint bank account with a bankrupt person. Britain has had the foresight to save for our future. Let us not put this at risk by joining a bankrupt system. European Voice and solicitors

For an ideal introduction to the most complete walled city in Britain try a gentle stroll along its City Walls...Occupied through the ages by Romans, Saxons and Vikings, each of whom have left their own distinctive window shutters mark, York is home to a wealth of attractions, museums and mediaeval streets. As the home of Shakespeare, Stratford is steeped in both literary and cultural heritage.

We are a group interested in the history, design, geography and structure of the British road network. We exist as a forum for ideas and opinions and as a hub for information for better understanding of the UK road network and its history.