By keeping control of our economy we are able to run our economy according to the needs of the British economy. Our interest rates are set by the Bank of England, with decisions taken on the basis of our own economic position. But in the euro we would have to accept an interest rate set by the European Central Bank in Frankfurt based on the needs of all of the Eurozone countries. This would often be wrong for Britain.


We will carry out an independent and unbiased marketing audit of your business to gain a view of your business in the competitive context of your market. We will assess your strengths and weaknesses, draw conclusions and make recommendations.


Of course there would be some benefits to businesses inside the euro. For example, there would be a reduction in transaction costs. However, the costs to businesses clearly outweigh the benefits. Find a solicitor.


If you read the financial press and talk to advisors, directors and investing institutions about small quoted companies, it is very easy to come to the conclusion that a small quoted company is a bit like the guest who mistakenly turns up at a black tie dinner in a lounge suit.


The real challenge of marketing is to establish estate agent surbiton the culture which maintains the focus of the business’s strategy, ensuring that the right products and services are developed, to develop the information and measurement systems that enable correct decision making, and ensuring that business resources are efficiently applied to maximise profit.